How To Make Wheat Flour Halwa?


Wheat flour : 1 bowl

Ghee :  3 tablespoon

Jaggary  :   50 gm grated

Almonds    : 7 to 8

Cshew nuts : 7 to 8

Elachai powder:  1 teaspoon

Water        :  400gm

Bake the wheat flour till khamang smell come. Add given ghee in it. Keep water to boil in another pot. Add water in it. Now add Jaggery & elaichai powder in it.  Mix it properly. Keep it on slow gas for 5 minutes. Then serve it.

It is very useful for the patient who has suffered from jondish, As well as after delivery it must have to give compulsory as it increases blood level. The patient who have suffered from any anemia they should it this item regularly.


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