How To Make Summer Bhel?

Enjoy summer Bhel

Gradients;  Two bowls puffed rice, one cucumber, tomato, onion, boiled potato, 20 gm coriander, leaves of pudenda, half cutting a raw mango, half bowl sprouted moong, chat masala, farsan, sugar, & salty nuts.

How to make it?

Cut all the vegetables into small broken pieces. Add remaining gradients in a puffed rice. spread some coriander & farsan on it&  Serve it to all.

When you are hungry at that time it is very nice food for everyone & it carries good nutrient value as well as good calories. It is tasty as well as no worry to increase cholesterol.

Digest easily, there is no question of stomach pain & all that.

So my friends make it now in your home & enjoy summer holidays.




pranita Deshpande

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