How TO Make Mango Pickle At Home?

Do you like mango pickle?


Time required for it: 2 hours.


1 kg: pieces of mango

1/2 kg: salt

1/4 kg: chilly powder

20gm: turmeric powder

250gm: mustard pulse

250gm: fenugreek seeds

10gm: Cloves

1 teaspoons poon:  Hing powder

200gm: sugar

1/4 kg: Oil

100gm: Cumin powder.


PROCEDURE:  Take  1 kg mango cut pieces, remove some waste on it, Rinse these cuts with clean water 2or 3 times, wipe it with clean clothes.

Let us we shall make masala:  Take all ingredients in one thali. Make powder of cumin & cloves & add in the thali. Fry has given fenugreek seeds up to turn the red color. Make its thick powder. Add all these in the thali .Now mix it with clean hands. Take some pieces in your hand mix it with masala, continue it to complete all pieces. Keep it in a jar or big container. 

 Now pour 1/4 kg oil in a pan, add it mustard seeds, Hing, & if you have Bedekar [COM] masala & stir it. Keep it to cooling. After some time spread it on all pieces of pickle in a container. Again stir it .& cover it tightly with a clean cloth. Open in the morning & see your best mango pickle is ready to taste. 

   Come at my home to taste it, really very tasty. 


pranita Deshpande

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