Karla Pickle and Karla Subji

time      prep      cook     total

20 min   10min   30 min

Serve for 3


Karla  :  3 to 4 middle size

tomato   : 1  chopped

Green chilly :  3 to 5 pieces of green chilly,

lemon     :    2

Ginger   :    1/2 inch grated

Sugar     :   3 tabspoon

Salt       :  1/4 bowl

Chilly powder:   2 tabspoon

Pickle masala :    1/4 bowl

  PROCEDURE   : Wash  karala ,tomato, ginger with clean water. Wipe it with clean cloth.Make the small pieces of karela vartically . Remove seeds & inside material with spoon. Now wash these pieces with spreading salt on it  so that its bitterness get reduced.

Take these pieces in one thali or in pot , add tomato pieces, grated ginger, chilly powder, sugar, salt, pickle masala, pieces of green chilly & lemon juice  etc . Stir it well & keep in jar. Serve it with chapatti, roti etc.

It can remain in the fridge for a month.For diabetes patients it is beat food.It can remove impurities from stomach etc.


Time    prep    cook   total

min   30        20      50

Serve for 4


Karala : 5 to 6 middle size

Skutt  :   2 tabspoon

Garammasala : 1 tabspoon

Chilly powder : 1 tabspoon

Tamrind :    1/2 bowl

Jaggery      :    20gm

Coriander :     1/2 bowl

Oil      :       1/4 bowl

curry leaves : 5 to 6

Mustard seeds :  1 tabspoon

Garlic   :   5 to 6 flakes.

PROCEDURE :    cut the karals in to vartical pieces or in a round pieces. Wash it with salt & water. Remove water clearly from it. Keep the pan on the gas . Pour oil in to it, heat the oil, add mustard seeds, cumin’s, pieces of garlic flakes, wait to splutter it now add  curry leaves  & Karla in it. Keep  the cover on it . Add  1 bowl hot water. Again wait for cooking . After cooking add all remaining ingredients in to it. To add tamarind  extract juice of it in a bowl . & at last  add tamarind juice, jaggery in to it .

     By this process we didn’t feel bitterness of Karla . It gives  very nice taste. Small children can also eat it easily. 


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