My interesting book publishing & internet experience.

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Hi Friends, I  want to share you my nice & interesting experience let us enjoy.

My aim of life is to publish my books, So i wondered for it 8 years . I have contacted to all publishers in Maharashtra. In latur i have tried for 5 years, no one is responding me, then i was running tuitions at that time i am earning 15,ooo per month, but i decided to publish my book ”IMPORTANCE OF PRAYER” My husband has done typing of book in Marathi.

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To publish it i went in one press & that book was published in one month. Then after 5 years i bought smart phone in NOV 2014 ,Before that i didn’t know how to handle computer? or even how to keep email id ? How to log in for face book ? My younger son told me in his childhood that don’t touch this ”mozila fire fox ” as it will create fire so i have lot of fear about internet. In that month i got state level award. I didn’t know how to upload photos, my student uploaded it. He also uploaded some photos vertically, some photos straight, some horizontal,some inverse etc,   Then i am searching publishers for my English book ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” Then easily searched publishers ,got partridge publishing com.USA Then i filled their form & waiting for 15 days .

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One day her call came & starting to talk with me , i was busy in my work at home . I told her please call me in the evening ,so when i was in tuition her call came to me, at least one hour she is talking with me, She is convincing me i was refusing her…. Then again she is calling me on every week, In this way i have left my 2 months , then at  last i decided to publish it with that publication.

Then i studied all her agreements carefully & ready to make agreement.

I  have done my agreement with the help of my students ,it was completed by Amrita Sarada ICSE student 10th class. Then i turned to online, my younger son , elder son, are telling some small, small things, then i read some books at home about computer.Image result for images on internet experience

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When my book has been to publish i didn’t know i have to work on social media . I think they will publish & they will make marketing of it but they have told me find your accounts on these channels & etc . Then i opened my account but not run these accounts . Sitting as it is thinking that ”NOW I BECAME QUEEN OF WORLD I DIDN’T NEED TO DO ANY THING ”

But only heard about twitter, so for how to handle twitter i went in cyber cafe ,  There is one student he told me like this you go , again i am in lot of confusion what to do with this twitter.? I heard only VIP peoples are tweeting there, When i am looking to twitter account when follow board shows me i am clicking on them & i am getting message on mobile that you are following with ….But i am thinking that oh! i am getting followers like Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, like this lot of big personalities are following me. As i didn’t know difference between followers, following, follow.At least 12 th March i didn’t know how to tweet?, what to do with it? Why did i have to tweet?

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At first i think only one tweet is sufficient for me. As i have my one book & some brahma kumaris note book . After finishing this book what can i do for tweet? I am worrying about what to tweet?  Then i am sitting in front of computer continuously & try to understand all the things & now i became owner of 4 business.



I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.I can make free to any person from worry,stress,anger,irritations ,pressure etc.