Instant Laddu


Baked Groundants:  250 gm

Jaggery & sugar: 250 gm or as your convenience

Almond seeds:   10 to 15

Cashew Nut: 10 to 15

Ghee: 1 tablespoon

Milk: 1 tablespoon 

PROCEDURE  :  Bake groundnuts as to come to khamang smell . Grind it in the mix slightly . Make small pieces of almonds & cashew nuts. Add sugar & jaggery in it . Add some Elaichai powder in it. Pour ghee in it . & Add milk in it to bind tightly. Mix it properly & bind it.  

It has more nutrient value, It contains more amount of proteins & iron.It is healthy for everyone.


pranita Deshpande

I am an International author of ''QUOTATIONS & STORIES'' book. I have written 3books which are 1] Future of students 2] How can be student intelligence? & 3] Importance of prayer.etc ,instead of it i wrote some texts on anger, irritations, worry stress,pressure etc.

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