How To Deal With Acidity?


How to deal with acidity?

Today’s generation is the fast generation, everyone is running towards competition. They must have to run for competition. But this lifestyle is bringing a lot of problems in everyone’s life. It may be a problem of acidity, B. P. Sugar, thyroid etc but we will discuss here a problem of acidity.

To overcome with acidity keep these points with you.

The person who is getting up late in the morning has to face this problem in more proportion.If anyone understands I have acidity then he has to observe what I have to eat & do? & what I have to avoid & don’t?.As every person symptoms & body is different & every person is giving different reaction to the different activities of different type of food means suppose if anyone’s acidity problem can solve by eating ginger in the morning & another person’s problem can solve by taking lemon juice or amla candy in the morning. So that we have to observe our body, eating habits & small exercise is also important. So many people do not listen diet person say. They take self-medication & takes a lot of food at night. But it creates a lot of complex action in our stomach as well as in the body. Some people are keeping fasting or they do not take breakfast in the morning it causes to increase acidity.

If you want to be healthy eat in the morning before 10 ‘’o’’ clock & in the evening at before 9′ ’o’’ clock.

The main reason for everyone’s complaints is a mental disorder.

If we are in a lot of mental stress, pressure then we have a lot of problems with our mind & body. Means if we have a lot of expectations or if anyone is sitting alone in the home. So we have to engage anywhere means reading, writing, singing, drawing, politics, painting, acting etc. So that we can keep our mind cool & happy & if we think positive with surrounding people then also we have a lot of benefits from our complaints means think positive in your relationship & turn to behave lovingly, happily in your family & see your all problems get vanish easily.Keep in mind that accept your situation as it then turns to your progress. happiness is the best solution for every problem in our life.


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