How Could I Overcome False Prestige?

 False prestige.         


How Could We Overcome False prestige.?

In my city there was big sam ‘’YAG’.’In that one famous Guru has been come to give speech on prestige. I also went there to listen his speech .In his speech he narrated his childhood story about his Keertan.I am keeping this story as it is here.

His Childhood Story

       When Guru Gahininath was in 10th class, his father Dnyeshwar was his ideal person. He always obey him.Shri Gahininath Maharaj was learning Keertan. At one place Dnyeshwar Maharaja had to perform keertan but for some casual reason he couldn’t go to do keertan So he decided to send ‘’Gahininath’’ at that place instead of him for his keertan.

Then Gahininath thought in his mind that ‘’If no one is there to perform keertan at that place I have to go there.’’ Then he became nervous as he had to go in another state by bus to give keertan.Then his father had given him one car & driver with him. So with this happiness he went to keertan.

When He Reached There

When he reached to stop, village people have inaugurated him as he came in car.He performed his keertan as a homework of school. After finishing his keertan he sat in the car  To say by –by to the village’s people. Thinking that ‘’I am the richest & clever person in this world.” see my status’’ On the way there was coming a Govt. bus, everyone  was looking to him saying ‘’This is a Gahininath Maharaj ‘’ & they were showing hand to us we were also showing hand to them.

After Some Time………..

             When we were running a car on the road suddenly car stopped, driver gets down he checked all car. He couldn’t understand what to do? Then driver told him that ‘’ If you will push the car from back side then I will drive it’’ but I told him ‘’we will do reverse of this’’ he refused & told ‘’ you will do anywhere accident.’’ So I was pushing the car silently with mumbled word ‘’Hey God what is my real position, please tell me?” He astonished  &  saw backside there was a bus which went now & coming back with full of passenger & all are looking to him saying that ‘’ Hey Gahininath Maharaj pushing a car’’& laughing themselves. Then he turned his mouth with another direction closing with handkerchief. Bus had gone long but …….

Moral of this story is ‘’To Get False Prestige We Are Doing Anything’’          imagesRecent places.

  What Is Real Prestige We Will See

Prestige is the bubble of water which can live floating for a short

time. He can float for a while after sometime it will vanish. Same thing happens with human .When we have status, position, our prestige is there beyond that there is no…………

Some time the man who is chasing to like this prestige will have to suffer many problems, difficulties etc.

Of Which We Have To Keep Prestige

       If anyone wants to keep prestige then keep prestige to behave not badly, to stoop anywhere, to make corruption, to deceive anyone, to do fighting anywhere, to left parents, to left all relationships like brother, sister & live in aish. If any bad thing is happening in the society then thinking that what should we do?it is not ours. Taking darshan of God without standing in a queue, to sell out valuable vote & keep our country in trouble……..

Nowadays everything became reverse of it ,all above qualities

Are keeping with us thinking that these are valuable & prestigious & a man having nice position when he is walking on the road ‘’Oh! see this man is walking on the road very bad’’ these sentences we are listening everywhere but I think that so many man who are walking on the road ,standing on the stop are the clean minded man. They have no any fear, they can’t do any corruption, and they are not building their home with corrupted money

The man who addicted to the wrong prestige, he can’t live in the society with open mind.

Loss Of Wrong Prestige.

1] Wrong prestige can’t give real happiness

2] It creates spider of complex actions in our life.

3] It keeps distance between relationship like rich poor, clever ignorant.

4] Many times it makes bankrupt in our business.

5]Due to wrong prestige man become emotionless, having no sensation

6] every time it keeps man in trouble or in difficult situation.

7] So many times we can’t create real happiness in our life.


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