Home Made Nutrient Metkut


Channa dal:750gm

Masoor dal: 100 gm

Udad dal:     100 gm

Moong dal:100 gm

Toor dal: 100 gm

Wheat:250 gm

Rice: 100gm

Crisp: 50gm


Spices for it 

Dhaniya: 100gm


A jawline: 20 gm

Mustard seeds: 50 gm

Red chilly:10gm

Ginger:  10gm

Hing:  1 tablespoon

Turmeric _ 2 tablespoons.


Make preparation of all above ingredients .bake it one by one Channa dal, Udad dal, moong dal on a small gas till red color will come. Bake masoor dal till it becomes slight brown.

Bake wheat like it become balloon. Then bake rice & crisp as to come red color.

Then slightly make hot all spices & Mustard seeds will completely have to change their color.

Now mix all these spices & dals & ingredients & give it to grind or if you have grind machine at home grind it at home.

If you want to change routine of chutney then mix it with Dahi & chopped onion, coriander, salt & serve it with chapatti.

We can use it for multipurpose food like Dahi Rice, Bhopala Rayata, in a Sub Ji as a  saran. In a thalepit, in a curry    1  tablespoon. in a Dahi Poha etc .

It  contains all types of dals so it makes the best protein.&  it can remain for 3 to 4 months nicely. It has more nutrient value

As well as it is baked so it can digest easily. There is no fear of to increase cholesterol.



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