Effects of I Q & E Q on our life.

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Emotional Intelligence
Man is born with some talent & emotions. He didn’t. Live life without talent. Emotions and talent mixes with his working. Without emotions no any man could do any work with only his talent. 

Nowadays scientist are giving more importance. To the emotions as compared to the talent. We can measure easily I Q but to measure emotions are very hard. In Barkley there has been done a scientific study about ego resilience & they found that ego resilience & emotional intelligence is same.

There has been study about more talent person verses more emotional person & they got surprising results.

The person who has more intelligence are showing their talent & mind power surprisingly. These persons are not giving importance to the personal relationship. They are very ambitious & who can live only for his aim & goal. He can behave on his principal, what effect is going with his principle on his personal life he didn’t understand. He is giving importance to his work. He didn’t attracted sexual  life.

Vise versa the person who is emotional his EQ is of high level. He is living with good social responsibility with happy moods.

Every time they are living with their responsibilities. They didn’t have any type of fear. Instead of it they are fulfill with compassion and they are always trying to give happiness& help to each other . Every time they are living with satisfaction mood.

There are the result for ladies who has more I Q , These ladies are perfect to express their opinion. They are giving importance to the talented work.

They are giving importance to beautiful art &  always giving importance to self realization. They are not expressing the anger in presence of more people. But behind them always mumbled themselves.


But the ladies who are intelligent in understanding emotions are telling their opinion freely & every time they are positive.

They are always free to express their opinion so they have to face lot of unhappiness in their life. But they are handle situation perfectly, but not discussing any simple unnecessary subject & they are always aware about to keep atmosphere nice.

We know that in daily life we are using I Q & E Q also. Effects of these we can found in our behavior. Where there is more emotional intelligence. There is more humanity.

Emotions plays important role in our life one emotion can change situation immediately means suppose you met any person &  you gave him beautiful smile but he turned his face & become unhappy. Situation instantly change. If you will ignore at that time but this paper will come anywhere any time so we have to learn how to face with these situation without disturbing our mind.

So to enjoy life we have to care our emotions as well as another person’s emotions. I think the person who is emotionally fit he would be fit everywhere.



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