Daily Quotes [ Power To Face ]

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1] Try making life in to a daring adventure.

2]Plan as if you were going to live forever live as if you were going

to die tomorrow.

3]In life there are neither rewards nor punishments there are only consequences.

4]It is essence of life that it exits for its own sake.

5]You have a choice in life you can either pay the price of discipline or regret



  1]   Attitude is the mirror of life.

2]A real attitude might improve yours carrier prospect

3] Be strong enough to accept the others

4]It all depends on how you look at things & not on how they are.

5] Positive attitude create positive people.

Get Set Goals

1] If you do not know your destination, how can you expect to get there?

2]Goals are evolutionary in nature.Just like life evolved on the earth from a single cell,goals evolve throughout a person’s life.

3] The master key to success is to set goals higher than yourself & achieve them.

4] A business whose only goal is profit is a poor kind of business.

5]Remember that all darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.


1] You can achieve any thing you want if you help enough people get what they want

2]People will remember what you achieve not what you promised to achieve.

3] All good things are difficult to achieve & bad things are very easy to get.

Good Health

1] Never underestimate the repellent power of a negative mental attitude.It can prevents use’s lucky break from benefiting you.

2]To be energetic act energetically.

3]  Keep always in mind that  I feel healthy, I feel happy,& i feel terrific


1] A leader is dealer in hope.

2]The key to leadership is to accept responsibilities.

3]Good followers don’t make good leaders.


1] Relationship is an exchange of energy.

2] Be positive & make your relationship stronger.

3] Ego , jealousy, comparison makes our relationship weaker,so let go for them quickly.

4] relationship builds by soul to soul connection with karmic account.


1] If your goals are realistic you can achieve anything.
2]”You don’t know what you can do until you try.
3] The reward getting well done is to have done it

How To Reach Our Goals
1] By tapping our subconscious, we will be able to attract things that will help us to reach our goals
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2]You should control your mind rather than let your mind to control you.


1]Tface book,twitter, linked in. G+ etche whole day, from the time we wake up until we go to bed, we are only using the left brain – calculating, talking, logical reasoning, taking decisions. So our development is one-sided. So, for some time, we have to give rest to the left brain and swing to the right side, to be balanced! So, to be balanced, sometimes sit and listen to music and sing. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

2]Every human being,every bird & most of the animals sing because singing is part of the expression of life.Spending a few minutes with music everyday is essential .That will stimulate the right brain activity [Sri,sri Ravishankarji]


1]Procrastination is the act of delaying things indefinitely,


2]Procrastination keeps you in the dark & stops you from venturing in to the light.

3]It is a shadow that follows you even in the dark .It stops you from reaching your goals & rewards.

4]Initially,you might feel good to delay things & enjoy the free time.

5]We might find ourselves delaying taking action on our goals because we are in the right mood.

6] We are simply lazy.But we have to eradicate the root cause of procrastination & avoid falling in the trap.

7]If procrastination is not avoided.then you will always be playing catchup & pay a hefty price in the end.


Benefits Of Optimist Person

1]Optimist person spreads good thoughts in family & society


2]His presence makes every person feeling nice & getting good vibrations with realistic hopes.

3]These persons makes unity & integrity in the society & it keeps away all types of discrimination.

4]These persons solves all problems in any difficult situation without any stress.

5]These persons changes front person with his pure love & good intention.

6] They are  always busy in  doing good karma & they doesn’t take part in any argument or any type of false discussion.

7]Their steps are always remaining on the progress & they makes progress  of themselves with another one.

8] Their contact gives us good energy, enthusiasm,power to adjust, increasing willing power ,with spreading wishes everywhere.

9] Everytime their mind is fresh,with tremendous energy,taking care of everyone,playing a role of sun & making brightness in everyone’s life.

10] If you will got anywhere this type of person please contact me.

Benefits Of Mathematics.

1]Our mind becomes ready to concentrate anything anywhere.

2]If we will solve any problem or calculation honestly we will get real happiness.

3]Mathematics increases our decision power, power to adjust, power of conclusion etc.

4] It increases our confidence & logical thinking power.

5]In daily life mathematics help us to increase our braveness,courage, probability & energy.

6] It makes us prompt in any business, active in any work, reduces laziness, increases persistence power.

7]It gives positive feedback in life.

8] It reduces our speed of thoughts so that we can easily concentrate on our work.

9] Concentration power divert our negative thoughts & we try to keep our attention with our goals.

10]There is a proverb in math that ” The person whose Math is nice

there life is also nice”.



  • Comparison reduces our inner energy & it creates jealousy,insecurity,low confidence etc.Before comparison my vibrations are clear, clean & pure but when i saw your success i create negative vibrations,& these vibrations effect on my success & my success gets reduced automatically.

When we create jealousy,insecurity,fear etc for others then our destiny automatically reduces. face

1]At times, it is better to keep your mouth shut & let people wonder if you are a fool than to open it & remove all their doubts.[James Sinclair]                                                            

2]The aim of argument or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.[Joseph Robert]

3] A man may die, Nations may rise& fall, but an idea lives on, Ideas have endurance without death.[John F.Kenndy]

4]Civilizations, like empire fall ,not so much because of the strength of the enemy outside as through the weakness & decay within [ Jawaharlal Nehru]face book,twitter,google+,linke


1] When atmosphere is challenging than do meditation daily. It gives fresh diet to our mind.

2]Every soul carry 5 types of sansakar , these are

1] From parents    

2] Environment : from schools, friends, relations etc

3]Due to my will power  means i have sansakar  to talk lie due to my friends but my will power create sansakar  to talk true.

4] Previous birth

5] My original sansakar [seven] these are

peace, happiness, purity, truth, love ,bliss, knowledge .

My Goals My Life

1]Personal goals improve our relationship.

2]Our health goals determine how our work towards preserving our body.     

3]Our family goals brings the right balance in our life.

4]Understanding & achieving your friendship goals help us build a strong relationship with like minded people.

5]Community goals help us to understand our social responsibility in a better manner & help us serve the society.

6]Carrier goals help us identify strategic objectives & appropriate activities for skill & carrier development.

7]Financial goals help us to the entire circle of earning, saving investments & expenditure.

8]Spiritual goal lead our peace of mind, It can give direction to our life.

9]Household goals help us to keep our home the center of excitement in our life.

10] All achievements gets to us from above goals so that our life becomes precious & valuable.



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.1] Fate knows where you are going but it is up to you to drive there.

2]Ideas without action are worthless

3] The secret of getting thing done is to do it now.

4 ]Now is the time to act.

5] The whole praise of virtue lies in action

6]First say to yourself what you should be of then what you have to do

5] The whole praise of virtue lies in action

6]First say to yourself what you should be of then what you have to do




7] Heaven never helps the man who will not act.

8]The difference between the impossible & the possible lies in a man’s determination.

9]There are no mistakes in life just learns to be learned by actions to be taken & action is living.

[Napoleon Hill]

10]Just do it now.



Benefits Of Optimist Person.

1] Optimist person spreads good thoughts in family & society.

2]Contact of this person gives every person good vibrations & hopes.

3]These person keeps unity & integrity in the society & they keeps away all types of discrimination.

4]All these persons solves all problems in any difficult situation without any stress.

5]They are always happy in any situation & spreads happiness everywhere.

6] Everyone wants their contact.

7]They can make good balance in their family,society,in their town, country, & in the Universe also.

8]They  are always Donner not accepter.

9] They always keep away their ego, jealousy,

comparison,irritations,stress etc.

10]So keep attention on Optimist person & make their list & contact      me.

Benefits  Of  Mathematics


Benefits Of Mathematics

1]  Mathematics always keeps mind concentrated.

2] When we solve problem of math’s ourselves honestly we get greatest happiness.

3]  Mathematics increases our self confidence.

4]  We get courage, logical power,& it increases power to make guess.

5] It gives accuracy to live complete satisfied life & discipline to make ideal in the life.

6] It increases power to face any difficult situation.

7] It gives ability to join everywhere, adjusting power of any situation & also teaches us accurate thinking.

8] Gives lot of jobs in any field, & challenge to your mind to make research.

9] It increases lot of creativity & increases intentional power

10] There is a proverb that ”Whose mathematics is nice that’s life is

also nice”


Daily Quotes On Success

1]If i will not attend to my original sansakar of  a  soul then i will not getting success in any action

2]Successful is the one who is strong & independent inside.

3] Success means  every minute how I feel?


Any time you feel negative emotion. Stop & say something is important here otherwise. I would not be feeling this emotion. What is it, what i want? & then simply turn your attention to what you do want. In the moment you turn your attention to what you want. Then tface book,twitter,linked in,google+ etc.he negative attraction will stop & in the moment your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling good. That is the process of Pivoting


1]Meditation is the ending of thought. It is only then that there is a different dimension which is beyond time.

2]Silence & spaciousness go together. The immensity of silence is the immensity of the mind in which a centre does not exist.

3]If you set out   to meditate ,it will not be meditation. If you set out to be good, goodness will never flower. If you cultivate humility. It ceases to be. Meditation is the breeze that comes in when you leave the window open; but if you deliberately keep it open, deliberately invite it to come, it will never appear.

All thoughts from    [J. Krishnamurti]


1] Time is of great essence, because it can only be utilized  at that precise moment.

2]Focus on one task at a time. When you focus on a particular task, all your energy is centered on thinking about accomplishing it.

3]When you remove an ‘H’ from ‘habit’ ‘A bit’ remains. when you remove an ‘A’ from ‘A bit”,’Bit’remains & when you remove ‘B’ from ‘Bit’ ‘It’ still remains. Repetition conditions our mind to get used to the task. Engage yourself in a routine &  come closer to your goal.


1] Satisfaction is a mental attitude.

2]Your own mental attitude is the one thing you posses over which you alone have complete control.

3]Develop inspirational satisfaction.

4] Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

5]When we think positive we could get automatically satisfaction. face


1] Satisfaction is a mental attitude.

2]Your own mental attitude is the one thing you posses over which you alone have complete control.

3]Develop inspirational satisfaction.

4] Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

5]When we think positive we could get automatically satisfaction.face book ,twitter,Google+,linked in etc.


1] If procrastination is not avoided, then you will always be playing catch up & pay a hefty price in the end.

2]Procrastination is the art of delaying things indefinitely. You might say to yourself that you will complete a particular task tomorrow.

3] Procrastination keeps you in the dark & stops you from venturing in to the light

4] Sorry to me for my procrastination as there are technical problems.

Keep These Important Quotes With You.

Keep these important Quotes with you.

1]Focus on the answer & not on question. Winners see answers in question. & losers see the questions in every answer. Be a winner &

focus on the answers.

2]Positivity has the power to overcome negativity. A single candle can light many others & conquer darkness.

3] Positivity is contagious .Always stay positive & associate with positive people. people have negative traits but look out for goodness in people.

4]Nobody is perfect. Perfection is mythmaking mistakes is a part of life: it can be excused. But making the same mistake again & again cannot be excused. You have to learn from your mistakes & make sure you do not repeat them.

5]If you waste your time watching television, you cannot come on television. Manage your time well & keep on working towards your goal.




1] The highest ideal man is the will of God.

2]GOD is always good God.

3] If God be for us who can be against us.


ABOUT Self-control

1]There are two things we cannot control people & past.

2]Mostly we are trying to control ,which is not in control.

3]The minute i have lost control means i lost control

4] When we are using anger & instruction to control the people then i feel betterfacebook,twitter,linked in,google+ etc.


1] Greatness manifests itself in noble deeds

2]Strong thoughts fill the mind energy. Never doubt his ability to reach the goal.

3] Good Memory  -The one that knows how to forget unnecessary

4]The more the habits of a person, the less free & independent Kant.



1]Education is  the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. [ Nelson Mandela]

2]Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.[ Malcolm Forbes]

3] Education is not preparation for life;education is life itself [John Dewey]


4]The roots of education are bitter ,but the fruit is sweet [ARISTOTLE]

5]The function of true education is to teach one to think intensively & to think critically.Intelligence plus character -That is the goal of true education [Martin Luther King Jr]

6]It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.[Aristotle]

7] The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.[ Herbert Spencer]   

8] My education gives me power to face the difficult situation without any corruption.

9] My education is the milk of tigress ,when it drank it could roar at particular time at particular place.

10]Education always gives me knowledge to keep values & virtues everywhere.



     1]  Don’t search for joy within things  search within yourself.
   2]Abraham Lincoln said that it has been my observation that people are just as happy as they make up their minds to be happy will you make up your mind to be happy ? If not will you make up your mind not be happy
3]One of the surest way to find happiness for yourself is to develop your energies to words someone else happy.
4]If you share happiness & all that is good & desirable.If you share misery & unhappiness you will attract misery & unhappiness to yourself.
5]To be happy make others happy
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6]You don’t find happiness you create it.
7] There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness
8] The secret of happiness is curiosity
9]Happiness is mental harmony
10] It is almost impossible to smile on the outside without telling better inside.

In our spiritual beliefs & knowledge then we would automatically get courage to face any difficulties.

2] When a person feel god’s presence in his thought, words & in ,action then he could face everything with his positive influence.
3]  When we experience God’s helping power, experience of authentic power we get success in any field.
4]Power to face gives   good  direction for any situation to lead a life
with self respectfully  & happily.
5]  Power to face means be the person believable, to see & understand responsibility of any situation & find positivity in the negative surrounding.
6]  Due to this power we can make satisfaction of any problem easily
7]  We can’t see any problem in the form of hurdle but  we can see it as in the form of  it came in my life to teach anything .


 1] Acceptance is the good art of life.
2] Acceptance means accept his thoughts with positive attitude.
3] Acceptance is an agreement in which we start to accept person or situation as it is & we are cooperating & announcing him for his work.
4]Social acceptance effects on children,Younger-one, & on older person
5] Acceptance means -accept some occasions,your surrounding people, your desires & your ambitions may be complete or not.
6] When you have been success ed on victory of your ego at that time you could understand real experience of acceptance.
7]Main important reason of ego is showing oppose to acceptance,showing mistakes, criticism etc
8] Acceptance makes us peaceful
9]Every person is important & special so it is better to accept him as it is
10]It is difficult thing in our life is that to accept as it is ourself.