What Will We See In Different Forms Of Navdevi?

Why Did We Call Navdevi?

Nowadays we are reading so many criminal & negative news in the news paper as negativity increased everywhere. Every ones mind is full of conflict & full of negative thoughts. To work on negativity we have to call Navdevi.

We have to succeed on anger, stress, worries, pressure, anxiety etc.These are the evil powers of mind.
In our mind there are two types of powers one is evil & another one divine. Evil power means greed, anger, jealousy, comparison, ego etc ,& divine powers means happiness,purity,truth,peace, simplicity, love,etc
Our Goddess are all Navdevi. Why we call them Navdevi ? Why we are inviting them for Navratri ? What are their work/? We will see

Deities also have both divine &evil powers but they had emerged divine power by working with themselves inside & we call them Navdevi, goddesses, or Ashtabhuja, etc.

We are worshiping all Goddess without curiosity. We have not ask question to any one How could Devi sat on lion, tiger & why? Before thousands of years our ancient people has been used symbols to represent their knowledge, they kept some pictorial form in front of people so that they should have fear inside to live the life successfully,

We know that if lion & tiger are the biggest & harmful animal for any animal , then how could been deities would seat on their back but we had believe on them as it is &starting to worship them. But meaning of this is Goddess can face as big as situations like powers of lion tigers.

In some pictures we can see weapons in the hands of deities & they had been killing demons. She is using longest trishul & showing killing to two demons. We have not studied about it in detail. She killed demons means not outsides person or real demon but inside her there are both sansakar, these are divine & evil sansakar, so to emerge inside divine sansakar& to vanish evil sansakara she has to work lot of to show it, they have been used eight weapons in her eight hands.

We have also *eight types of inner powers to emerge these powers we have to learn Ashtabhuja lessons.sherawali-mata-1067x800

1] Parvati : Parvati means the soul which can change every time so that situation automatically gets changed.
Parvati has done lot of efforts in meditation without Shankara to emerge inner power. & she became goddess in each forms of Navdevi.

2] DURGA : Means she has removed all mental toxic power with the help of weapons from her mind & body. or purification of the mind & body.We have to see picture with right perception,so that we have to let go old sansakar ,i.e body,ego situation we visualize & it’s symbol is Durga.

3] Jagdamba: Situations should in control or power to control means Jagdamba. The soul who will give same kind of love to every child in the world is the Jagdamba,& the soul who can accept everyone as it isjai-mata-di-1067x800

Many times we call Jagdamba as a Maa or Mother means to accept everyone unconditionally, without pain

4] Vaishnavi Devi ; She could protects our ego, mind, intellect, which can gives us success.

5] Santoshi Mata : The soul makes everyone satisfied & happy is the Santoshi Mata.

Shitala Mata The soul who can makes every ones mind cool & calm is the Shitala Mata.

7] Mahalaxmi Mata : Means the soul who can gives us abundance food & prosperity index

by worshiping her we can emerge all inner powers, to get all these things.

8] Mahasaraswati: The soul who can emerge powers to learn all knowledge with

the help of intellect is the Saraswati
To emerge all these powers we have to remember God Shiva or to recite all names of deities
Up to we had only celebrated all these festivals but now is the time to understand, to emerge, to withdraw, to tolerate ,to accept & to work on these powers.

When we emerge all these powers & connect to God means we have made sang am of Shivaindexshakti.



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