Date’s Paratha


Khajur Paratha

1] Khajur:200gm

2]milk:  1/2 Cup

3]Elaichai Powder: 1 teaspoon

4] wheat flour: 400 gm

5] Ghee: 2 tablespoon

4] salt: 1 pinch

PROCEDURE:  Remove seeds of dates.  Make its pieces & grind it in the mixer with a half cup of milk.  Make a paste of it. Now take wheat flour, add a pinch of salt & elaichai powder in it.Roll out in a circular portion. Make its paratha with slow motion.

It has more nutrient value. It contains more amount of iron & this iron is useful to increase our blood. As well as small children’s are getting bored to eat dates. So it is very good way to serve it for children.



pranita Deshpande

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