Chhola Thalepit

Be ready to eat Chhola Thalepit.     




1]Chhola  :   500 gm

2]  Wheat flour : 1 bowl

3] Dhania  :  2 tablespoon

4]  Cumin :  2 tablespoon

5]  Garlic :   7 to 8 petals

6] AjA jawline: 2 tablespoon

7]Chilly powder: 2 tablespoon

8] Turmeric powder: 1 tablespoon

9] Coriander: 1 Bowl

10]  Green Chilly: 7to8

11]Oil: 1/2 bowl      

Procedure: Soak the Chola’s for 2 days. Grind it in the mixture. Keep it as it is in the fridge for 1 day. Next day again grind it by adding all above gradients with adding the small amount of water. Make it as like paste, add one bowl of wheat flour in it. Mix it properly.

Now keep tawa or pan on the gas. Spread oil on the Tawa.Now make Thalepit on the hand & keep it on the pan. Cover this pan with another grid. Shake it to become red color.

Shake it to become red color.     

Serve it with Dahi Chutney or Mango pickle. Give some Mango juice & some green fry chilly with it. It gives the different taste.


pranita Deshpande

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