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A HUG YAAR are those Whose hearts are always open for each other.
They always create flow of love to enjoy their life. In them there is not exchange of material things. Only they can exchange love, trust and loyalty.
They can’t walk alone without trust. & A true friend is the one who knows more about his friend and himself. Their hug yarri is the golden thread that lays all heart together.
They never walk front & behind only they walk beside & became friend.
In them always love is blind but friend ship closes its eyes.

Even on the road to hell flower will make them smile. Every one heard what you say, friends listen to what you say, best friends listens what you don’t say.

“True friend ship is a knot in which angel hands have tied’’

A hug yaar is movable at a time .Their connection is from past birth. Their karmic account is nice so they behave as made for each other. May be they quarrel or argue but they can forget easily & gets closer to each other. Their love is fragile & they can handle it with care. They always trust with each other never doubt their goodness.
Their life is meaningful with full of joy no any fear with them. Sharing of everything with each other. They never make comparison with each other as it creates unhappiness. In them lot of exchange of love & exchange of thought produce reflection of good vibration.
Their world is always new from our general world. & they have telepathy in their communication. Sometimes their communication is mind communication I think god is always watching their love, loyalty & purity of mind. & He also takes part in their hugging to share their joy& happiness he also enjoy their friend ship & help them to keep their hands tightly.
Due to their nice binding they can share joy, happiness, selfless love They motivate each other for a goal oriented life. It inspires them to act & keep moving towards their goal. It results external & internal factors that stimulate desire & energy in them to achieve their goals. Their desires, towards & expectations form the base of motivation

Benefits of Hug yaar !

1] It increases the speed of work in our life.
2]If friend is like Shrikrishana then we can overcome every difficulties, problems & troubles easily.
3] With friend’s cooperation we will get happiness, enthusiasm, fame, courage etc.
4] Who has more friends, he can adjust everywhere & his image is powerful in society.

5] More friends more publicity.
6] Friendship is depending on our virtues & our behavior skill.

Xbox One 1TB Console – Tom Clancy’s The Division Bundle

Platform : Xbox One
5.0 out of 5 starsBEST GAMING CONSOLE

By sanjay negi on 21 February 2017

Platform for Display: 1 TBEdition: Tom Clancy’s: The Division Verified Purchase

As for the delivery it was super-fast. Got it just after the day of ordering. I am having a great fun with it. Just want to say that there must have been a cd instead of that dlc of Tom clancy the divison game. But i ordered some games and the performance is cool and setting it up is pretty simple and easy.

This is a note for all people that you need a good internet connection if you want this xbox one.
Overall i loved it

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M.R.P.:    39,990.00
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