Benefits of Asafoetida In The Daily Routine


Benefits of Asafoetida

Every day we are using a lot of recipe’s ingredient. In that every delicious recipe contains Asafoetida. What is this? & What are the benefits of it.We will see here.

This plant is found in Iran & Afghanistan, it has long sturdy hollow stems & roots giving strong –smelling. It is usually used as an ingredient in medicine & remedies & as a seasoning in the south as Ian cuisine.

Generally, we are using it in all pickles. It gives the nice smell to the food as well as it has a lot of benefits.

1]If you are suffered from constipation then mix Asafoetida in a water & take it at night before sleeping.

2]In the morning you will feel light & your stomach will become clean easily.

3]If you have lost your appetite then before eating mix it’s powder with ghee & eats it with butter & ginger.

4]If you have bred pin anywhere thorn,  or piece of glass in your skin.  Keep water of asafoetida on it. that thing will come out easily.

5]If you have pain in your ears then pour a drop of asafoetida in an ear slowly. It will remove pain easily.

6] If you have a cavity in your teeth then also it is useful. If you have denture on the teeth then keep some asafoetida powder on it.Denture teeth become clean.

7] If you have any ‘’VASTUDOSHA’’ spread this water all over the home.

In a lot of digestive discomfort Mix & roast equal quantities of asafoetida, carom seeds, black pepper, ginger powder & cumin seeds.

It is found in Dubai souqs –Cinnamon, pepper nutmeg, asafetida, saffron, pepper, turmeric,


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