11 Ways To Become Cool In Difficult Situation?

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10 points to become cool & relax every day


I was  outside from my home since 21 days & today I came home in the morning ,done all regular activities & start to run  computer. There I saw insert new password. I become short tempered but with whom I will be angry ? no one is in front of me.

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I stopped for a while & think that this is the work of my son who has changed password to protect my all work as he thought that mother is not at home so for security we should change password. But when I was calling he was in his exam centre he can’t receive my phone now what can I do?

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At last I become cool & I feel that try to ask my husband so I start to call husband & he told me password. Point to explain these things are that period between these action & reactions is 2 hours & what is the action & reactions for me.

SO I decided to become cool, as there is no use of exciting or taking hypertension or short tempered everything is useless. So I start to read newspapers & then start to read good books. As every on line person is well known about ‘’what is the feeling if he was away from his on line business in regular time’’

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So I decided to write some points on how to become cool in difficult situation?

1] Stop thinking about your business, deadlines or work.

2]Be ready to accept challenges whatever may be it it may be loss, may be any important assessment or appointment etc.

3] Do another work which you can’t do in regular time it is important for your work.

4] Write extra  blog posts or make extra plans for business etc.

5] Some times again another problems also creates due to disturbance of our mind, then take a rest for half an hour & be fresh to work

6] Don’t think about your future  or peer pressure or on another problem.

7] Keep faith on your work whatever may be obstacles will comes in my life I will overcome it carefully as my work is nice it will give me good blessing as God is with me.

8]  Don’t give blaming to anyone for this situation.

9]  Keep in mind that this is mine work ,whatever may be problems will come in my life I am responsible for it.

10] Keep faith that I can complete all remaining task by doing nice work with cool mind & again thinking that GOD HAS TAKEN MY EXAM BY GIVING THIS SITUATION.

11] After overcoming all this situation tell to GOD that ‘’thanks GOD YOU HAVE GIVEN ME POWER TO OVERCOME THIS SITUATION’’




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