Affinity- A New Passion


Affinity –a passion


Today we are playing with smart phones everyone is engaged with network. Everyone’s world is different. Everywhere there is different knowledge, different people, different work, everyone is on his own path. There is no time to talk anyone, then how could there is an affinity?

  Let us we will discuss what is affinity?

Affinity means ability to attract people towards us. Nowadays everyone is missing affinity we have so many comfortable things in our life. We are indulged in that & we have forgot our original sanskar & original abilities. That is to give everyone happiness, peace, satisfaction, love, respect

But we are not attending it & we feel vacuum inside. What should we do to complete this vacuum? How could I get satisfaction inside as we are connecting to the people outside?download-2

Today’s generation become very fast, there is no time to talk, to meet or make conversation directly with each other. But there is big passion to connect each other is a social media. Sometimes I think that social media is the biggest huge network to interact everyone. For their every needs. Social media is completing basically emotional needs through conversation, sending positive energy.& It is the real honest & real loving media to connect people.


Social media can give lot of knowledge in every field, It is the best way of business also. Lot of people progressing their life through social media with lot of business.

Lot of e commerce business gives plenty of money to the people who are engaging in doing their business.

It’s best important character is these media are not making any type of corruption, any dishonesty, any discrimination etc & they are not allowing to anyone to do all these things.

If anyone wants to improve his life he should turn to social media, it can give lot of super beneficial knowledge.

They had made easy way to connect world within a fraction of seconds.

Sometimes I feel that to create waves of internet GOD has given lot of help to the people so that our world could became nice & comfortable with satisfaction & peace.

We know that if one word I would write in the social media it can spread all over the world. So we have to decide what I have to spread?





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    ok,thanks for suggestion.

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  • November 7, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    I think affinity is part of ego. One should avoid it and live simple life. because the day, you could not attract people toward you, it will really hurt.

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