Why Did Today Become Difficult To Handle Relationship?tionship?


  Today’s Relationship

Nowadays we always say that it is difficult to handle relationship. How could enjoy our relationship with different opinion ?

Let us we will see ,

Relations means i create a picture in my mind how my daughter in law should be? How my son should be? & Son create the image that How my father should be?

The image that create the person through his behavior, thoughts & by his perception, if it    will not match with his relationship then it will produce conflicts as i am doing constantly match the following. My daughter in law should be same as that serials heroine . If my daughter in law is not like this. & not behaving also like this. This produces irritations in my family & so my relationship gets disturb.

If you want our relationship should be strong then you accept the other person as it is,

let go for the other persons behavior.& give him guidance lovingly.

Some following points makes our relationship difficult.

1] Jealousy create barrier in our relationship. If i am jealous to anyone means i feel inferior, i feel depress, i feel low, i feel weak, i feel not getting so i behave differently. & so my relationship gets disturb.

2] I want to be better than you that type of thought is hatreds

3]If we will going through competition, then we will make dis empowering,if someone is in problem then we are thinking it is the chance to go ahead.

3]Just lower the other person we think we are become higher.

4] So many times relationships are disturb due to ego.It may be superior ego or inferior ego.imagespartwise

5] Wrong conversation destroys relationships.

6] If we done any business in relationship & if we are not completed any commitment with them that also destroys relationships.

7] If we purposely ignore any connection it destroys relationship.

8]If we left contact in nearer bindings it also destroys         relationships.

 Flows Of Love :  In  relationship unconditional & clean love flows automatically & radiate positive energy.

   Spirituality says relationship with soul to soul is the past karmic account.imagesNew monthly139

     W start giving energy not accepting.

  IF someone is clean,clear,pure,peaceful then absolutely his relationship is nice.

Whats The Point For Quarrel?

In every relationship everyone wants love,trust, respect& exchange of some kind of comforts,some qualities in person that makes feel me better, If i will not getting these then it is point of quarrel.

Why Did Relationship Today Becoming  Harder?

Today’s education system teaches how to earn lot of money. so everyone is now fulfill with their all needs .Therefore every family is thinking that, ”my family is nice,I have lot of money then why should i need anyone to join my family” If anyone is in trouble & i have to help him instead of helping him i think that ”First my business, my job, my carrier is important, if i will keep attention to another one then what will happen to my family? Is it for less days? no ,it will be for more days then  how can i help them?

Suppose in our relationship One family is poor, may be it is our brother ,sister or anyone then instead of giving them help, power, guidance to become rich we are keeping distance with her thinking that she is poor what could i do for her ? Her destiny is like this ?

If  she has any problem may be of disease,quarrel or anything then our duty is that we have to help them.But we are thinking that

is this problem is for one day ? No it is always,What can we do ?Nowadays no one is asking to anyone who is the sister? who is the brother?If i will not inquire them what will happen ?I have to enjoy my life. I don’t know any brother or sister. etc…

Due to this thinking everyone is becoming insecure & he is chasing to money. He thinks that if i have only lot of money, my life will be comfortable. There is no need of anyone. I think all problems root is this thinking  then it brings ego, hatreds, jealousy, etc…..15 - 1sss folder






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