Where We Will Search To God?


    My Father My Parampita  Parmatama.

In the beginning of the century so many people known about God.

Someone told God is the total different man whose legs can’t touch to the earth.

Someone told God means super natural power, that power heals everyone.

Islam says it is ‘’ALLAH’’ & pointing finger upside. Hindu’s Guru says it is Ram or Shankara

Someone said it is Ganesha, Hanuman. Many of them said it is goddess like ‘’VAISHNAVI

or Jagdamba. Or etc.. Means everyone has decided their original structure & prayed for Specific God & who has got good result from

him after praying that is their GOD.

YESHU told, God is the point of light. Guru Govind Singh shows his finger upside for the God.

In our Hindu religion some Guru told ‘’In Sanskrit’’

‘’Ekam Nityam Vimal Machalm Sarvadhi Sakhi Bhutam

Bhavatitam Trigunrahitam Sadguru Tam Namami

Nityam Shudham Nirabhasam Nirakaram   Niranjam

Nitya Bodham Chidanandam Grurbraham Namamyam’’

Means God is the point of light. It has no any body,

Shape, size structure. He is nirgun, nirakar & has no birth &

no death.

. From generation to generation there is a belief system about god that in life if we will not behave on his way what he has told; he will punish us, but…

God is the ocean of love, happiness, peace, purity, simplicity &has compassion,full of prosperity, ocean of forgiveness etc.

God means Parampita Parmatma. He lives in Paramdham. Where only red Light is present. We all are souls means ‘’Atman’’ & we have father  taking care of us. That is Parmatama


To my father I believe completely no one can heal me from it. Like this he is the father of all.

Nowadays there are so many scholars discussing about presence of God, Many of questing About presence of GOD. Someone are asking that ‘’ show us God’’ or prove his presence.

God is energy; no one can heal this assumption. As we can’t show presence of air

But experience it like that we can’t show God but we can experience it with our healing power

We can connect to the GOD by doing meditation or reciting mantras, by worshiping with clean heart .clean mind. When we pray God with pure mind he will give everything what we want.

God makes us spiritual .Spiritual means the person who uses his spirit into action. Spirituality is the personality

When the person has done good karma with pure intention, God will show him direction to go ahead.

God makes our life happy, peaceful; he has the power to make us positive. He Knows our true potential. He CAN HELP US WHEN WE WORK ON OUR TRUE POTENTIAL.


Some people think  that Deities are our GOD, as they are shown in pictures that ‘’they are flying in the air’’

Or Lord Krishna has lifted huge mountain with his last finger, we are thinking that it is real but It is not true. Deities are flying in the air means they have faced so many difficulties in hard situation, like flying in the air.

So many people think that God writes our destiny, but we are creating our destiny with our karmic account, belief systems & thoughts. If God has written our destiny , every thing will be nice& neat. No one will dare to damage it.


Keep everyone in mind that God never punishes us, as he is the ocean of love, peace,

happiness, purity, forgiveness then how could be he will punish us?

We are also souls we have also these original qualities with us, only we have to emerge by

meditating or taking knowledge, praying ,reciting mantras & behaving with these qualities’

To  search God  we are going to temple  but if we will keep attention to our body , our body is

a temple&  soul inside it is like the God ,but we  have made him dirty with our worst thoughts

like jealousy, ego ,Hatreds,anger,greed  etc.




I have been writer in Maharashtra since 10 years. I can make relief any patient with the help of spiritual healing. I overcome cancer & blood cancer with the help of spiritual healing & mind power.I can make free to any person from worry,stress,anger,irritations ,pressure etc.

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