How To Get Rid From Addiction?




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Nowadays everyone is familiar with addiction, addiction is the main hurdle of progress in everyone’s life.

Why did addiction came in my life?

I) When elder persons are addicted then younger one & smaller one learns from them that addiction is not bad habit as my father is taking regularly. As he had created good & real image for his father & from each & every point of view he thinks that my father is taking then it is good for me also.

II] Past experience & information& belief systems for example when yesterday I drank tea then it’s taste is better to me then I create a belief system tea is better to drink but if we want to rescue from tea. We have to change this belief system with knowledge & understanding tea also harmful to our health.
Some time we think that we are doing it for getting happiness, & joy In relationship as well as with friend. I have been not getting happiness,& real joy So I start to addiction, means when I get frustrate Then I turn to addiction.
Every time I want true love, trust, respect & some qualities in person. That makes me feel better. If not get these qualities I became discomfort able.
I am comfortable at a physical level but for mental level I feel uncomfortable.


I want to be complete inside & I am not comfort because I am not aware. I am not feeling well. My Uncomfortable feeling gives vacuum. Uncompleted, but everyone wants experience harmony complete inside. Then search started possession, achievement, coffee tea, movie, drink any kind of stimulates & that kind of stimulates trigger certain kind of feeling, Stimuli gives me comfortable feeling outside. It is not inside it is temporary take out from dis comfortableness. & it distracts the mind for a moment from the emotional pain & unhappiness, but still pain is there.
When I am taking an alcohol or watching T.V. drinking cigarette etc.
I have postponed my pain for some time. Concentration of my mind is merged & my mind is distracted anywhere you know that you are going in bad direction still you are engaged in that but your pain is increasing so I want to remove that pain I want comfort feeling but when i realize how we feel without taking ?

Solution for addiction.

1)To be spiritual as spirituality find roots of any problem.
2)Spirituality means getting to know you.
3)Positive affirmation to create positive feeling.
4)We could think negative & create positive sentence cannot work.
5)God is looking to your ,pure, peaceful truth vibration, He will not just look to your mistake. Wherever attention goes there energy flows. So keep awareness on your thought.
6)You could get success suddenly but we have to take decision co firmly.
Family counselling.: Scolding, no conversation is not the solution, first we have to give him faith then tell him” you could be free from this addiction.” It is easy to free only to continue it is hard but we will try.
When I create one positive thought on it, I have to work on it, as thought create action, so I have to keep attention on my thought.

Powerful motivation: – Quit today if not,face book,twitter,linked in,google+ etc. decide date- Imagine it, share it to everyone, celebrate it. When I have to quit it then ask questions to yourself if you can’t stop. Then post pone it & when I feel that I couldn’t live without drink then don’t keep any cigarette or bottle of drink with you.
Do meditation every day; connect with God for every second by remembering in every situation.
Spirituality means awareness from childhood.
A Strong will power & strong foundation cannot turn to bad habit.



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