10 Points To Remember Home




When we are travelling on the road we are watching lot of hoarding alongside of the road and there mostly hoardings are only of our dream Homes.  They are showing there a beautiful picture of a house wife wearing beautiful sari and a joyful look on her face a big pot on her head showing she has abundance prosperity and she can live always  happily in any situation at home. Her every wishes will complete only in home not anywhere, she could live stable at home. Not any where she can enjoy her each and every moment with full of confidence at her home not anywhere. having feeling that ‘’ this is mine home’’ I think no any guest will remain stable & lovingly without home If we will try to live them instead of our home in the hotel or on any lodge, they may be providing best quality but they didn’t show any type of belonging or protection or support they will live there as a third person.


10 Points To Remember Home

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  • House is a place where we can spread any item anywhere
  • House is a place where we get love, peace, happiness etc..

It is a peace where shout, quarrels are allowed.

  • It is a place where everyone accept everyone’s wrong behavior.

5)       This is a place where we can compromise, forgive, make compliment criticize but again create love.

6)       It is the place where we can carry sometimes bad habits, laziness or anything.

7)       This place never cheat to the close family members may be there lot of question creates.

8)       It can give us lot of relaxation after our lot of struggle.


9)       It is the place where we can forget past & create enthusiasm to do work

For our great family members for their next life.


10) I think GOD may be upside but always live in this place as he also feel comfortable only in the home.


11) So home is creation of lord shops.

12)     Home is the place which create protection.





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