Some points to attend farmers


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Why did farmers are important?

Everyday we are getting up early & we require food to eat.If we have lot of things around us , lot of money, a huge king palace , but not food what will happen ? As source of food didn’t make in factory. Have anyone imagined it?


So food is the basic need of every creature & this food is getting to us from the farm.& it is made by the farmer.

If every farmer or labor decided to live a ”alishan” life. without doing any work ? What will happen?& this is slowly happening now , no one is ready to do work in the farm & it is very dangerous problem in front of nation.If it will happen can we get food to eat? Can we eat money  to control our hunger ?Can we prepare plant as like thing, ?


So i think that farmer is the main source of food. In this source it require talented people but unfortunately in our country the person who didn’t have professional knowledge as well as who didn’t have perfect education is doing farming & so lot of problems are creating everywhere in politics & in every field.

Why did we need to attend him?

1]  He is the main source of nutrition department.

2] He loves to his soil, to his animals & nature.

3] He has more tolerance power except some farmers who are doing suicide as lack of knowledge.

4] He remains happy in any situation. He didn’t demand lot of things for life. He is always remain in satisfied condition as compare to the other workers.


5]   I apologize to say to the Govt. that first they should appoint so many counselors in every village as this is the basic need of today’s period.  Then decide about carrier keep agriculture branch in every college so that every student should understand that farming  is  also one type of carrier then no one will hate to do farming. Every  farmers students should get scholarship & help so that he could also get respect. As in the society also no one is giving respect to farmers children.& every student should also understand that farming is also one type of nice business. It will happen when farmer is getting more profit from his crop. Otherwise not.

These are experienced points from my life as i am also a farmer’s girl & what unhappiness & tragedy have to face to the farmers children is i know perfectly, so i request to Govt. that he should attend to farmers compulsory.






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